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Compiled by Robert Logan and Laura Lundquist

Year 1
Sept 1984

Penn Fix, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Larry B. Smith, Caller (Contras, English Country)
Bill Hewes, Caller
Laurie Andres & the Wild Rose String Band
Ron Kane, Fiddle
Mike Sweet, Clogging
Al & Emily Cantrell

Year 2
Sept 1985

Larry B. Smith, Caller (Contras, English Country)
Warren Argo, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Mudflat Ramblers (Old time)
Erin Shrader & Edith Farrar (Irish & New Eng.)
Mike Sweet, Clogging

Year 3
Sept 19 - 21, 1986

George Marshall, Caller (Contras & Swing)
Pop Wagner, Caller (Contras, Squares & Lasso)
Wild Asparagus (New Eng)
Grin ‘n’ Bear It String Clan (Old time)
Susan Schwartz, Clogging

Year 4
Sept 11 - 13, 1987

Theme - South-of-the-Border
Cameron Stewart, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Danny Hathaway, Caller (Irish Ceilis)
No Mean Feet (Old time - from Vancouver, BC)
Dale Russ & Mike Saunders (Irish)
Sandy Silva, Clogging

Year 5
Sept 9 – 11, 1988

Theme - Pajama Party
Penn Fix (Contras, Squares)
Sandy Bradley (Contras, Squares, Waltz)
Laurie Andres, Armin Barnett, Bill Meyers (New Eng)
Al & Emily Cantrell (New Eng & Singing)

Year 6
Sept 15 - 17, 1989

Theme - Montana Centennial
Dave Smith, Caller (Contras, Ceilis)
Laura Mé Smith, Caller
Robin and Her Merry Band (Irish)
Old Dominion String Band (Old Time)
Susan & Mike Sweet (Couple dancing)
George Pilling, Storyteller

Year 7
Sept 14 – 16, 1990

Theme - Hawaiian
David Kaynor, Caller (Contras, Fiddle)
Larry B. Smith, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Fairweather (Irish, New Eng)
Al & Emily Cantrell (Irish, New Eng, Singing)

Year 8
Sept 13 - 15, 1991

Theme - Masks
Ted Sannella, Caller (Contras, Squares, Triplets)
Suzanne Girardot (Contras, Squares, Clogging)
Laurie Andres & Cathie Whitesides (New Eng)
Hired Hands (Old Time)
Cecelia McGowan, Storyteller

Year 9
Sept 11 - 13, 1992

Theme - Mad Hatter Hat Party
George Marshall & Wild Asparagus (Contras, Swing)
Kathy Anderson (Contras, Squares)
The Lundberg Brothers (Irish)
Mark Matthews, Storyteller

Year 10
Sept 10 - 12, 1993

Theme - Birthday Party
Cameron Stewart, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Delores Heagy, Caller (Squares, Clogging)
Rex Blazer & Anita Anderson (Fiddle & Piano)
Duke Nukem & the Atomic Waste Band
   (Mike & Terry Williams, Tom Morarre, Rick McCracken)
Phil Zemke, Storyteller
Ray Jacobs (Lap Dulcimer & Singing)

Year 11
Sept 16 - 18, 1994

Theme - Woodstock Revival
Steve Zakon, Caller (Contras, Squares)
KGB (Claude Ginsburg, Julie King, Dave Bartley)
Sherry Nevins, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Greg and Jere Canote, & David Cahn
Chip Jasmin (Singing)

Year 12
Sept 8 - 10, 1995

Theme - Western Roundup
Carol Kopp, Caller (Contras, Swing)
Mitchell Frey, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Karl Knopp, (Swing)
Al & Emily Cantrell (Contras, Squares, Singing)
Hired Hands (John McInturff, Bill Siems, Mike Haberman, Kris Parker) (Old Time)
Carol Soth, Storyteller

Year 13
Sept 13 - 15, 1996

Theme - Friday-the-13th
Dave Smith, Caller (Contras, Circles)
Woody Lane, Caller (Contras, Squares)
‘Spro City Bats (Anita Anderson, Betsy Branch, Terry Wergeland) (New Eng)
Queen City Bulldogs (Armin Barnett, David Cahn, Molly Tenenbaum, Dan Lockshon)
   (Old Time)
Sherry Johns, Storyteller

Year 14
Sept 12 - 14, 1997

Theme - Out-of-this-World
Larry Edelman, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Marian Rose, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Hillbillies From Mars (Kevin Carr, Ray Bierl, Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg
  (Contras, Squares, French)
Stuart Williams, David Cahn, Rich Levine (Old Time)
George Pilling, Storyteller

Year 15
Sept 11 - 13, 1998

Theme - Dr. Seuss
Lisa Greenleaf, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Sherry Nevins, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Nightingale (Becky Tracy, Jeremiah McLane, Keith Murphy) (New Eng)
The Canote Brothers (Greg & Jere) (Old Time, Singing)
Freddie Jenkins, Storyteller

Year 16
Sept 10 - 12, 1999

Theme - Heros & Villains
Mary Devlin, Caller (Contras, Eng Country)
Laura Mé Smith, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Rhythm Rollers (Laurie Andres, Cathie Whitesides, Bob McQuillen (New Eng)
Little Dogs (Peter Boveng, Randy Rinehart, Forrest Carroll, Tony Mates)  (Old Time)
Dennis White (storyteller)

Year 17
Sept 10 - 12, 2000

Theme - Mardi Gras
Erik Weberg, Caller (Contras)
Ron Buchanan, Caller (Contras, Squares, Swing)
Hotpoint (Mark Burhans, Hilarie Burhans, Marlene Shostak, Mark Hellenberg, Joe Crum) (New Eng/Old Time)
KGB (Julie King, Claude Ginsburg, Dave Bartley)  (New Eng)
Terri Morris (storyteller)

Year 18
Sept 7 - 9, 2001

Theme - Prom Night
Dave Smith, Caller (Contras, Percussion)
Sherry Nevins, Caller (Contras, Squares, Swing)
Reckless Ramblers (Nat Hewitt, Larry Ungar, Sam Bartlett, Ginny Snowe) (New Eng/Old Time)
Ruthie Dornfeld, Mark Roberts, Forrest Gibson)  (Old Time/New Eng)

Year 19
Sept 6 - 8, 2002

Theme - The Noxious and the Endangered
Woody Lane, Caller (Contras, Squares, Clogging)
Cathy Mosher, Caller (Contras, Squares)
Maureen Mullen, Cajun Dance Instructor
The Buffalo Gals (Mary DuShane, Betsy Neil, Maureen Mullen, Doug Lohman)
The Nettles (Kevin Johnsrude, Laura Brophy, Rex Blazer, Colleen Dick, Rick Rubin)
John Vore, Storyteller

Year 20
Sept 5 - 7, 2003

Theme - Literary Characters
Adam Carlson, Caller (Contras, Waltz)
Erik Hoffman, Caller (Contras, Hambo)
Alan Roberts and Eric Anderson
Rex Blazer and New Balance (Rex Blazer, Peter Siegel, Seth Houston)
George Pilling, Storyteller

Year 21
Sept 10 - 12, 2004

Theme - Saturday Night at the Movies
Nils Fredland, Caller (Contras, Shape Note Singing)
Erik Weberg, Caller (Contras, English Country)
The Avant Gardners (Laura Light, George Paul, Dave Wiesler)
KGB (Julie King, Claude Ginsberg, Dave Bartley)

Sheri Johns, Storyteller

Year 22
Sept 9 - 11, 2005

Theme - Come as a Former Self
Barb Kirchner, Caller
Carol Piening, Caller
The String Beings (Laurie Fisher, Tom Troszak, TJ Johnson)
Rad Francine (Dan Compton, Eric Schlorff, Fran Slefer)

Evelyn Widhalm, Storyteller

Year 23
Sept 8 - 10, 2006

Theme - Barnyard Magic
Lynn Ackerson, Caller
Sue Hulsether, Caller
Pig's Eye Landing (Jim Parker, Eric Peterson, Tim Reese, Amy Sandeen)
Balance and Swing (Susan and John Reading, Tina Gugeler)

Linda Grinde, Storyteller

Year 24
Sept 7- 9, 2007

Theme - Your Favorite Color
Carol Ormond, Caller
Dot Kent, Caller
Lift Ticket (Rex Blazer, Seth Houston, C.W. Abbott)
New Bad Habits (Chips Smith, Tim Foss, Dave Landreth, Andrew Gribble)

George Pilling, Storyteller

Year 25
Sept 12-14, 2008

Theme - Havin' a Ball for 25 Years
Kathy Anderson, Caller
Erik Weberg, Caller
KGB (Julie King, Claude Ginsberg, Dave Bartley)

The Rhythm Rollers (Cathie Whitesides, Laurie Andres, WB Ried, Bob McQuillen)

Linda Grinde, Storyteller

Year 26
Sept 11-13, 2009

Theme - Other Worldly
Sherry Nevins, Caller
Ron Buchanan, Caller
The Cantrells (Al and Emily Cantrell)

The Richtones (Rich Sobel and Susan Blake)

Linda Grinde, Storyteller

Year 27
Sept 10-12, 2010

Theme -
Sarah Van Norstrand, Caller
Marlin Prowell, Caller
The Great Bear Trio (Andrew, Noah and Kim Van Norstrand)

The Sleeping Child String Band (Chip and Cove Jasmin, Bill LaCroix)

Linda Grinde, Storyteller

Created June 2000.
Last modified
May 2010.

Laura Lundquist