Missoula Folklore Society Meeting & Contact Information

Business meetings are held the first Monday after the first Saturday of each month from October through May. There is a General Membership Meeting held each October and a Volunteer Recognition Event in the Spring. The Board of Directors meets quarterly.

Please note: the "@" sign in e-mail addresses has been replaced with [at-sign] to ward off "spammers". Please replace [at-sign] with "@" when you send us e-mail.

Officers Person E-mail
President John Anderson
Vice-President Mark Matthews vp[at-sign]missoulafolk.org
Secretary Nora Gartner secretary[at-sign]missoulafolk.org
Treasurer Gary Decker gdecker[at-sign]shybearfarm.net
Committee Chairs Person E-mail
Dances Vicki Watson h2oshed1[at-sign]hotmail.com
Newsletter/Communications Nora Gartner secretary[at-sign]missoulafolk.org
Bear Hug Mark Matthews peacejumper[at-sign]yahoo.com
Membership Rita Cheek membership[at-sign]missoulafolk.org
Website Gary Decker gdecker[at-sign]shybearfarm.net
Board of Directors Person E-mail
Chair Rose Leach rosel[at-sign]cskt.org
Board Member Jonathan Qualben jqualben[at-sign]montana.com
Board Member Roy Curet rocu[at-sign]rocketmail.com
Board Member Dana Eisenberg deisenbe[at-sign]umich.edu
Board Member John Anderson president[at-sign]missoulafolk.org

Contact Information
Missoula Folklore Society

P.O. Box 9296
Missoula, MT 59807

E-mail us: Missoula Folklore Society