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The following photos were taken by Robert Logan at the December 4, 2004 contra dance on the
2nd floor in the Union Hall. The caller was Roy Curet and the band was "Out of the Woods." Robert
used a Canon PowerShot A85 4-megapixel digital camera and Adobe Photoshop to touch up the photos.

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Maestro Roy Curet at the helm. "I wanted to wear this but couldn't find
any matching heels."    :)

Kathy (fiddle), Pat (mandolin) &
Vicki (piano) = Out of the Woods.

Nancy and Beth starting a hey.

MFS President (Buell Whitehead)
caught in the arms of a lovely lady and
not putting up much of a fight.
Will the circle be unbroken? i.e. this is
fun but when do we swing like the
rest of the folks?

Jodi and Steve, enjoying a waltz.

Driving Miss Daisy (Hebb, on right)
with a lovely partner.


Now reach across...

... and ladies chain.

Kate enjoys a Sky twirl!. (Sky is
the young lad on the left.)

Followed by a balance!

KaDe and Gary, enjoying a waltz.
...and ladies chain.