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The following photos were taken by Vicki Watson at the November 5, 2005 contra dance in the
University Ballroom on UM's campus.. The caller was Roy Curet and the band was "Sleeping Child."
Vicki Watson promoted the dance as a way to raise money for the victims of recent hurricanes (Katrina,
Rita) and earthquakes (Kashmir). The dance was a success with over $1,000 in donations being raised!
Many people attended and it was loads of fun! Robert Logan used Adobe Photoshop to touch up the photos.

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"Down the hall!" (Contra dances are
easy to learn, and are taught from
scratch. Roy Curet called the dances
this November 5th, 2005.)

"And return" up the hall. (The ladies
wearing neck ties are dancing the gent's role.)


"Star left."

"Circle left."


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Dancers join hands in an endless chain as they dance a Big Circle figure.