Here are some links related to the things we do and the folks we do it with. Please suggest links by sending email to None of the following sites are in any way affiliated with the Missoula Folklore Society.

Societies and Organizations:

First Night Missoula

The Country Dance and Song Society

The Montana Gaelic Cultural Society

The Bozeman Folklore Society

Wintergreen Dance Weekend (Bozeman, MT)


The Spokane Folklore Society

The Seattle Folklore Society

The Northwest Folklife Festival

NEFFA - A fun site to browse thru, with the Largest Folk Links page on the Web.

Missoula Cultural Council - among other things, there is a calendar of community events.

The Montana State Old Time Fiddlers - Home of the State Fiddle Camp, two weeks of music and dance bliss.

Lively Times - Montana's monthly arts and music news.

Contra Dance Related Sites:

A series of videos explaining the basics of contra dancing.

View ACTUAL contra dances:

A video showing how each dance is 'walked through' at a contra dance before you dance.

Learn about the Tao of Contra

What Is Contra Dance? - a nice explanation by Gary Shapiro

Dr. Bob's Random Contra Dances - The Online Random Contra Dance Generator


Music Related Sites:

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive

Traditional Irish Songs

The Mudcat Cafe presents The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page

International Choral Festival 2000


Artists we have known and loved:

Jenn Adams


Greg Brown

Edie Carey

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

Karan Casey


Don Conoscenti

Pierre Cruzatte

Stacey Earle

John Gorka

Lucy Kaplansky

Brian Kopper

Amy Martin

Old Blind Dogs

Kelly Joe Phelps


Wild Asparagus

Willson and McKee

Woods Tea Company


Silly Web Tricks - Not to be missed!:

Web Camera - actually take a picture of yourself over the Web.

Timothy W. Macinta's Age Detector

Internet Anagram Server Home

The Book of Cliches - The Customer is Always Right Handed.

The Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua - some people just have too much time on their hands.

The Famous Elk in the Fire Photo - shot in the Bitterroot on the day the Sula Complex fires burned together into one raging inferno.


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